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Hello there!!

First off thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I wanted to take the time to let you guys know what I am about. I am beginning this blog as a lifestyle blog. When I first decided I wanted to begin a blog I had so many niches rolling around in my head I couldn’t pick just one, from beauty to photography, to health and books. I knew there was no way I could pick just one,starting a lifestyle blog allows me to touch a little on each topic.

Me and my other half

I was born and raised in Kentucky, in a small town just to the south of Ohio. I am a country gal married to a city man. My main goal in this blog is to let you guys as my audience know what I’m about, and hopefully sharing some of my interests with you.

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I need advice.

Ok so this blog post is a little different, I have recently started free-lance photography on the side, just for fun. I enjoy photography and do not see myself solely relying on photography for a means of a job. However, I do have a few photo shoots coming up soon, some of which I will be taking quite a few shots. I have a logo/watermark I have used in the past on a few pictures. I will be giving all of the shots I take to the client.

My question is this, should I watermark all of the photos I give to the client or only a select few? I have known some photographers put their watermark on only a few edited pictures and others put it on every picture they take and give to their client. I know there is probably no right or wrong answer on the subject, but I could use some advice.

Thanks in advance.

Photo of the day 11


So I here today is National Puppy Day. Here is another picture of my mutt, Snoopy.

Photo of the day 10

Ok guys. I’ve been off the grid for quite a while. Instead of loading just one photo, I’ve uploaded a few photos. I hope you enjoy. ♥

My Snoopy when he was a puppy.
And for this reason I absolutely adore the snow.
Some of my favorite things: snow & my dog.

Quote of the week 3


“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.” ~ Elizabeth Taylor. ❤

Photo of the day 9


This photo of the day is another shot I was able to capture around my condo.
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Photo of the day 8


This photo of the day comes from a trip me and my husband made to the Makers Mark distillery. Continue reading “Photo of the day 8”

Her Journey


She stands alone in the darkness.

The light betrayed her, leaving her in solitary.

Her only company was the moon, stars, and cool nights breeze flowing through her tresses.

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Photo of the day 7


This photo of the day is from another recent run I took.
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Photo of the day 6

maysville 018-001This photo is from a recent trip I took to Maysville. I was able to get some amazing shots of the river and a barge passing by. Nature definitely is my favorite thing to shoot, it present so many opportunities for so many beautiful shots. Thanks again for taking the time to read, comment and let me know what y’all think!    

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